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The entire Droplift CD is available here in MP3 as well as uncompressed WAV files (16bit 44.1KHz CD Audio format).

Download the entire kit-and-kaboodle as a 7zip file containing a folder of MP3s here.
Download the entire kit-and-kaboodle as a 7zip file contining uncompressed WAV files with PDF inserts here..

*Note: Several tracks (#18, #19, and #28) were accidentally cropped on the actual Droplift CD due to FTP problems. These files are the corrected versions.

Track Artist Title [Length] MP3
01 Tim Maloney Thunderclock [2:34] MP3 WAV
02 Turntable Trainwreck Cubicle 38 Droplift Blues [2:12] MP3 WAV
03 Phineas Narco and Ronald Redball Free Will [2:37] MP3 WAV
04 The Button Familiar Faces [2:33] MP3 WAV
05 Reggae Death Squad™ Rub My Face [2:33] MP3 WAV
06 OBE Recycled Flashback [2:29] MP3 WAV
07 Workshoppe Radio Phonik Cute Ass [2:33] MP3 WAV
08 Alamout Black Traitors [2:34] MP3 WAV
09 Chris Ball Urgent Day Off [2:38] MP3 WAV
10 Project Data Control Blame the Media [2:02] MP3 WAV
11 Brain Science Monkey Business [2:28] MP3 WAV
12 Mind Let's Play a Game [1:57] MP3 WAV
13 Social Security Loder Runner (Droplift Flakes) [2:22] MP3 WAV
14 Bonefish Sam and his Power Orchestra Mr. T. Adventure Story [3:43] MP3 WAV
15 Andy MacMillan Untitled [2:31] MP3 WAV
16 Ben Burck Sailor Mom [2:40] MP3 WAV
17 EMP-T Son of Satan [2:31] MP3 WAV
18 equatorial Long Slow Malcolm [2:14] MP3 WAV
19 The Doom Patrol Year of the Rabbit [2:31] MP3 WAV
20 Dad's New Slacks Ice Teal [1:55] MP3 WAV
21 the Cranial Fishers No Need to Fear [2:14] MP3 WAV
22 Entropical Utopia Asshole [2:33] MP3 WAV
23 Seditious Halibut Media Marilyn Hanson Part 2 [2:07] MP3 WAV
24 (c)(P)ee King Brian [1:30] MP3 WAV
25 Quiet American Checkmate [2:31] MP3 WAV
26 Escape Mechanism Elf Song [3:00] MP3 WAV
27 Kumquat Everyone is Afraid of Clowns [2:09] MP3 WAV
28 Stop Children To the Fullest Extent of the Law [2:36] MP3 WAV
29 M-Sli©k da ninjA Wannabe (DE(©on)ST®U©TIVE ®EMIX) [2:30] MP3 WAV
30 Naked Rabbit We'd Bruise [1:27] MP3 WAV