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Not for Sale!

The Droplift Project CD is not for sale. This project was conceived as a work of conceptual art, and is not to be confused with a commercial product. All of the audio and other information related to the Droplift Project is provided by us in the form of free downloads, and has been released (free of copyright) into the public domain for legal distribution by anyone.

However, due to the demand for physical copies of the Droplift CD, we have decided to make CDR copies with full art available to the public on a donation basis. For a minimum donation of $5 to our cause, we will mail you a copy of the Droplift Project CD. Additional copies are available at the same rate of $5 per CD.

(Offer is valid anywhere in the world, but please send US funds only)


If you are interested in receiving a free promotional copy of the Droplift Project for radio play or to write up a review, please contact us at webmaster@nakedrabbit.com.