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The droplifters sow confusion in the United States

The American record dealers are often victims of robbers too skilful to be caught, but now they are being confronted with a new mystery. They are called the "droplifters", as opposed to "shoplifters". The opposite of the robbers who seize the goods secretly, the "droplifters" deposit their goods in the shelves of record stores. One of the initiators of the project, Richard Holland, describes it like "a single form of distribution in its kind". The droplifters slip their CD into the racks of the most visited discs (like those of the hit-parade) without the knowledge of the operator. They notice it only when customers, suspecting nothing, bring it to the counter. They then find it impossible to find a price tag, or even to find the title in their catalogue.

Who is having this fun and why? The activists brought together under the name of "The Droplift Project" want to start again the debate of royalties for sound samples. "We gather sound extracts, we samples them and make a mixing of it to come to a very new finished product. It is art and at the same time a form of dispute", one can read in the declaration of Droplift Project. They dispute not only the legislation of the royalties, but also the monopoly of the large houses of distribution. To know more, visit www.droplift.com. You will even be able to download thirty free titles, each one more insane than the others!

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