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The following appeared on the Times-Delphic Online:
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Music Web Site of the Week: http://www.droplift.com. Although not a music site so much as it is a lifestyle site, this Web Site ties in two big interests of mine music and consumerism.

The site explains the CD Droplift project, an "impromptu alliance of 29 audio college artists," who originally stormed the market in chain music stores by so-called "droplift.comanizers" who placed the CDs in new CD bins. Chaos ensued when someone actually tried to purchase the CDs, and the cashiers realized the albums were not in their stores' inventories.

The artists don't make any money in the deal, but the CD must be given away for free, anyway. Each of the artists mix things heard on radio, TV and in popular music. Read the concept, download the songs, tear down the corporate monster!

-- Cecily Dubusker