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The following appeared in the December 1st 2000 issue of Entertainment Weekly:


So many people are taking music without paying for it lately, it's refreshing to find a group that's giving something back. Instead of filching from the record store, the Droplift Project (droplift.com), a movement by a group of "audio-collage artists," encourages fans to download 29 MP3 tracks from the site, burn them onto a CD, print out the cover art, and surreptitiously file it in the bins somewhere between Devo and Duran Duran. Unsuspecting store clerks might just find the disc, slap a bar code on it, introduce it into the database--and maybe even sell it. But according to Droplift member Joe Scagnetti, most stores "try to look up the item for about 20 minutes and then grudgingly give it away for free."