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The following appeared in the Winter 2000 issue of Hitch:


In protest of the music industry's whining over Napster and sampling, a mysterious organization known as The Droplift Project released an album July 28. But how they released it is the interesting part.

"Ordinary citizens will walk into record stores with copies hidden on their person," a press release stated. "They will proceed to leave them in the stacks, and they will walk out."

In doing so, the Project hopes to "raise awareness of fair use issues in music." The CD obviously won't show up in inventory, but the Project believes stores will make the sale anyway. The artists won't get any money from the deal, but they say that's the point.

The album consists of sound collages assembled from bits of CDs and broadcast media, protected by the First Amendment and the Fair Use clause of the Copyright Act.

For more information or MP3 downloads of the album, visit The Droplift Project website at www.droplift.com.