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The Big Playback

Free music's a hot topic these days, hence the timeliness of THE DROPLIFT PROJECT, an audio-collage compilation CD that's testing legal boundaries by making art from unlicensed snippets (the Spice Girls, Budweiser spots, Kurt Loder). The nationwide group of 50 or so Droplifters, who've never met except via a Negativland e-mail list, are led by Los Feliz-based provocateur TIM MALONEY, who says, "We hope to get a dialogue going on the fear of digital technologies, the rights of collage artists to interpret and critique the vast sea of mass media, and the need for copyright reform." Of course, traditional distributors won't touch this, so Droplifters around the country have been sneaking copies of the Project into major chain stores and leaving them in bins --droplifting, not shoplifting, get it! Sounds like our kinda hijinx, so we took a trip to Glendale's Tower Wow! Store (as in, "Wow! Britney Spears is all over this place!"). Shore 'nuff, cuddled against a row of Dropkick Murphys discs were two Droplift Project CDs. We presented one to an unsuspecting cashier, who summoned her supervisor when she couldn't find any bar code or price tag. Honesty's apparently the policy at the Glendale Wow!, because the boss handed us the CD free of charge after determining the store didn't carry it. With a shiny new disc burning a hole in our pocket, we then ventured up the street to Borders and became a Droplifter ourself.

--Mara Schwartz