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Droplift project, the lift of those who are got down

If tracking down the copyright detractors is a subject which is selling well lately, whether they are operating covertly or not, why not taking advantage of the present sensitized opinion?

Droplift is such a project.

The music composers are using lots of "reference" musical sequences as samples. The audio collage, in the contrary of the famous collage technique used for example by surrealists, is hindered by a veto for reasons the instigators of the project would like to be cleared up.

This project is about getting mobilized (who knows?) and spreading the consequences of a litigious act, i.e. a free CD created by voluntary artists (soon famous?) that are smuggled in the distribution stores, so that a possible curious customer puts it in his shopping cart and brings up questions once at the counter.

Indeed, this CD does not show up in any inventory, even if it is apparently coveted by lost souls in search of new acoustical feelings.

That's what is called taking advantage of a possible paradoxical injunction. Let me explain : (imagine the confused customer giving an embarassed look at his credit card, facing a dumbfound cashier) how comes I cannot buy something that attracts me and which is by the way not for sale, how comes I am not allowed to go out of this distribution center with this object?

Opportunist or sincere, the echo I give to this project is to be clear, the future will tell.

Please note a page of links so as to better figure out the commotion due to questions which are besetting the projects creators - without forgetting also the "Copyleft Attitude", the alternative rights of creators and artists who nevertheless desire, while following an ethical charter, to make possible a reuse of their works.

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