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Droplift this CD!

Copyright laws are a hot topic these days as I probably don't have to explain to anyone. To illustrate the absurdity of the existing laws, The Droplift Project was brought to life via Negativland's mailing list. Together, anonymous artists have crafted their own CD out of unlicensed sound snippets and the result can be downloaded via the Droplift website. Then on a date agreed upon via the website, the finished CD is placed in the Top 40 shelves of various record stores by the Droplifters and the chance that a curious customer will then snatch a copy of The Droplift Project instead of a Britney Spears CD becomes relatively large. Then distress, confusion, and uproar ensue at the cashier when it's discovered that the product isn't even registered. Another example of free music distribution, which is directed primarily against the repression by the large CD retail chains. Further activities by the Droplifters should be expected. Here is their statement:

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