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Best of 2000
By Mark Mauer

In stores? Not likely. Record stores are getting weaker all the time while the Internet becomes more powerful all the time in digging up the good stuff. Many of my favorite records this year couldn't be found in any store.

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10. The Droplift Project : Members of this copyright-bustin' collective printed up (very nicely I might add) their own CDs, went into Tower Records stores across L.A. and elsewhere, and "dropped off" their records in the bins. Then folks like myself walked in, tried to buy it, which confused the staff at Tower so much, that they end up giving me the disc for free. I even offered to pay for it. Or you can just walk out of the store with it. You can read the whole story on their website www.droplift.com What's on it: Cut and paste work similar to John Oswald's, with some great tracks, some less so, but the music is generally more than good enough to warrant going to the trouble of getting the record. Most folks here are part of a new generation of musicians who use their computers to stitch together beats, synths, and TV commercials into very cool songs. (internet or shoplift only)