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The following is part of an article from the St. Petersburg Times:

     This odd collection of sound clips from news, CDs, radio and TV may be hard to find if you want it. The reason for this is that the disc was meant as a prank that involved recording tracks from underground sound collage artists and having people secretly go into chain record stores and drop the disc in the bins with pop and Top 40 recordings. The targeted record stores were ones that did not usually carry anything but the most commercial cookie cutter music. A curious customer may find one in the randomly selected stores throughout the world and when he goes to make the purchase, both he and the sales clerk will likely become confused when the disc does not show up in the store's inventory.

     Prank aside, there is a serious aspect to this whole thing. The blatant stealing (as some might say) of known sound works and rearranging them to make new art, social commentary and parody is an artistic response to the current state of this big business of music that does not recognize the First Amendment and the Fair Use clause when it comes to sampling.

     So what's being sampled? Every obscure commercial as well as familiar blurbs within pop culture. The voice of Wally Cleaver is weaved in with political commentary. Seventies cartoons are transposed with conversations about "weed." There's lesbian techno (so they call it) and Mr. T too. Needless to say, there are too many oddities to list here but there is some very entertaining stuff on this disc.

     Of the 30 collage artists appearing on this disc, Minneapolis' own Escape Mechanism contributes a track called "Elf Song." Warped views on Christmas with all of the familiar Charlie Brown Christmas voices filter in and out of this cut. Finding this disc in a store will undoubtedly be an extremely cumbersome task as no one really knows what stores or where they were planted. Go to www.droplift.com to obtain the disc as well as insightful information on artist's rights with regard to sampling. Total fun.

--David Rangel