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Droplift Internet Radio

Several of the artists involved with Droplift project have created Internet radio stations. Visit these sites for fresh experimental audio, streaming 24 hours a day.

Free Samples: [ live365.com | hosted by Stop Children ]

Friendly Persuasion: [ a.i.r. | hosted by Mr. Otis F. Odder ]

Midnight Voicejail: [ live365.com | hosted by Phineas Narco ]

Press The Button: [ live365.com | hosted by The Button ]

radio.droplift.org: [ icecast | hosted by Social Security ]

Droplift Radio

Here are a few radio shows hosted by Droplift artists. Tune in to these programs for the best in audio collage and live improvisation, or call in and put your own voice into the mix.

Dad's New Slacks: [ Portland, ME | WMPG-FM 90.9 ]
(fridays; 12-1am est) (call in line: 207-780-4909)

Press The Button: [ Cleveland, OH | WRUW-FM 91.1 ]
(sundays; 12-3am est) (call in line: 216-368-2208)

Some Assembly Required: [ Minneapolis, MN | KUOM 770 ]
(saturdays; 4-5pm cst) (call in line: 800-626-4770)

Workshoppe Radio Phonik: [ Nashville, TN | WMTS-FM 88.3 ]
(saturdays; 4-5pm cst) (call in line: 615-898-5051)

Or, click here for more cut-and-paste radio programs.

mp3.com Droplift Outreach

Despite their anti-sampling policy, many tracks from Droplift artists have found their way onto the servers of the free music site mp3.com. The mp3.com Droplift Outreach is a collection of these tracks that slipped by the copyright censors.

Click here to visit the mp3.com Droplift Outreach.